Get Turkish Rug and Carpet Cleaning In Brooklyn From Us

Rugs and carpets are made all over the world, but some of the most attractive rugs come from Turkey. While these rugs are visually attractive and uniquely designed, they are not impervious to getting dirty.
When your Turkish rug does get dirty, it's here when you should reach out to our rug cleaning experts. For years, we have been specializing in Turkish rug and carpet cleaning in Manhattan, and now we are a trusted and preferred business for both home and business owners in the area.
We have the cleaning products, know-how, tools, and manpower necessary to accomplish any kind of rug cleaning or restoration job, and we can provide same-day service if this is what you need. We are affordable and willing to go far beyond where our competitors are willing to go. We won’t stop until your rugs are spotless and sanitary.

Our Services

Rug Cleaning

Our rug cleaning experts have been cleaning rugs for years. They handle Turkish rugs with care, and they know exactly how to clean these fine rugs. That’s why they’re sought after by those who need Turkish rug and carpet cleaning in Manhattan.


Rug Restoration & Repair

We’ll make your rug look like it was just purchased yesterday. We can perform a wide range of rug restoration services for owners of Turkish rugs, including recoloring, reweaving, binding, and fringing.


We Clean Turkish Rugs And Other Rugs Too

While we specialize in cleaning Turkish rugs, we can clean many more rugs and carpets as well. We recognize that there are thousands of rug types out there these days, and we take pride in our ability to clean and restore the majority of these.
Here are the rugs we’re often called on to clean by both home and business owners in Manhattan.
Cotton rugs
Jute rugs
Oriental rugs
Persian rugs
Area rugs
Silk rugs
Synthetic rugs
Wool rugs
Shag rugs
Bamboo rugs
Polyester rugs
Moroccan rugs


We Serve Home And Business Owners In And Around Manhattan

For years, we have been serving homeowners and business owners in Manhattan, and over that time we have come to learn the value of delivering first-rate customer service consistently. In a referrals-based business like the rug-cleaning business is, we attribute our always-growing client list to our ability to always deliver expert Turkish rug and carpet cleaning services to those who hire us.
Whenever we find out that a new client was recommended by a previous client, we know that we've done our job well.


Cleaning Turkish Rugs With Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

We can clean Turkish rugs using eco-friendly cleaning products. Often, we’re asked to clean with these products, specifically by those who have young children and/or pets running around at home.
You don't have to worry about cleaning effectiveness being sacrificed when we clean your Turkish rugs with eco-friendly products, and these products won't damage your rugs either. We’ve been cleaning Turkish rugs with these products for years and we’ve never had a single problem.