Why Rug And Carpet Restoration Services Are Advantageous

Turkish rugs are delicate and very attractive, but over time they get worn down just like all other rugs do. When it's time for your Turkish rugs to be repaired, you should get in touch with our Turkish rug restoration experts. Our company is often sought after for Turkish rug and carpet cleaning in Manhattan, but we also provide a wide range of useful Turkish rug restoration services too.
Sometimes, cleaning isn't what a rug needs; it’s restoration that’s needed, and often cleaning can't be done until restoration is done first. It's much better to repair a rug that's dry, as when a rug is wet it's very vulnerable to getting damaged.
Our experts will always handle your Turkish rugs with care, and that's why they are preferred by both home and business owners who need rug restoration services in the area. We are often called on to perform rug recoloring, rug reweaving, rug binding, and rug fringing.
To know more about these common rug restoration services, read through the sections below.


Why Rug Recoloring Is A Popular Restoration Service

Turkish rugs often boast vibrant colors and unique designs, but eventually these colors will fade and a Turkish rug will lose a lot of its visual appeal. At this point, you really have two options: you can throw your Turkish rug out in the trash and get another one; or you could get a rug recoloring service that will bring vibrancy back to your Turkish rug.
Our experts have been specializing in rug recoloring for as long as we’ve been in business, and they can help you no matter how old your rug is. You won't have to worry about the rug’s design being compromised. Our experts are meticulous and detailed, which means they will only make your rugs better—never worse. Once we're done with recoloring, your rug will be ready to use that day.

When Turkish Rug Reweaving Is Necessary

Reweaving is another rug restoration service that owners of Turkish rugs can take advantage of. A thorough rug reweaving service will save you from having to get an expensive rug replacement, and a reweaving service will also be good for a rug that has been damaged by moths or other insects. Rug reweaving is one of our most sought after rug restoration services, and we are happy to say that we can provide this quickly and for an affordable price.

Get Rug Binding From Our Team

When you need thorough and fast rug binding, you should get in touch with our team. We can bind your Turkish rug so that it's sturdy for many years to come. Our binding process is straightforward, and throughout the entire process we will treat your Turkish rug with care. When you get it back, it will look and feel great.

Don’t Forget About Our Rug Fringing Service

If you own Turkish rugs, you know that the fringes of these rugs are important. When your rug’s fringe is compromised, you should get in touch with our team immediately. We will perform a thorough fringing service before the damage gets any worse. When we're done, your rug will be sturdy again.